What are the bitter truths of life one should know?

  1. Ask for for suggestion from one people, thousand will come and ask for help from thousand people even one will barely come.
  2. Some people will never support you because they are afraid of what you might become.
  3. If money grow on trees then some girl would be dating monkeys.
  4. You can never be right for a wrong person.
  5. Nobody give a shit to your past when you have a present that doesn’t gives shit about them.
  6. The first people who will believe you while starting something new will be strangers, friends and family will step back from you. But the day you’ll finally become able to pay bills, you’ll realize everyone else is present except strangers.
  7. I am not sad, I am just silent because I cannot laugh every single time unless I am mad.
  8. Life gives you two options,“either you decide your net worth or let the people around you decide it for you”.
  9. Money can’t buy happiness, but money can give you the key to find where your happiness is.
  10. When you are grateful to what you have instead of what you deserve, life gets really good- Garyvee
  11. It’s lonely at the top that’s why a Lamborghini has two seats and a bus has fifty.

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